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Retro/Grade Trophy-Guide

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:28 pm
by Dennis-nine-five
Hello, glad I found this site on my researches about the game :)

Retro/Grade is not well known but has definitetly great fans.
I don't want to go into much detail as of topics I could already read around here, Retro/Grade deserve to come out much bigger than it is. The brilliant thoughts which got into it are amazing. For example: Powerdowns/-ups refered to Leptons and Quarks giving the game a physical note which is suitable and great to everything else in it. I could surely enjoy this unique twisted rhythmed masterpiece.

I first got brief info through people mentioning about the rare trophies (PS3), which goes along with the fair challinging difficulty this game has to offer. But my full attentions awoke to it as it got available in Playstation Plus. At that point I had to test it out.

Long story short this is a great game to play/work with and that's why TheLastSurvivorD and me decided to write an detailed Trophy Guide about it. We also found a great Youtube-Video by Midnightwards666 to include it as visual guide.
Enjoy :) ... ophy-guide
( is a great trophy status tracking site with nice features like Trophy-Guides which can be written and more.)