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[Android] Beta (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:19 pm
by bebop
Matt, thanks for letting me try the beta. I have played it on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Duos (SM-G935FD) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T815). Both rooted.

Firstly, I have to say that I do not like the way the controls work. I would much prefer a dpad and a separate button for sprinting. It is especially frustrating when being chased because I have to tap on the screen where I want Thomas to go and then tap the edges so that he sprints but then he stops and I have to tap again so that he proceeds and the camera pans to the enemy usually so there is very little screen space so I keep tapping the screen and the edges and it is just a neverending nightmare (sorry :D)

The game does not close with the 'Back' button so I have to press 'Home' and then kill the process. I wish I could press 'Back' while in the main menu and then it would ask me if I was sure I wanted to exit and I could press 'Yes' and the game would close.

As another thread mentioned the sound abruptly stops in two spots but then proceeds to play a few seconds later. It happens in episodes Childish Things and Insanity if I remember correctly (kindly see the link to screenshots below).

I was able to complete the game and earn the corresponding achievement but I have also unlocked the 100% achievement for some reason. Then I wanted to see the other endings so from main menu I chose Nightmare Select, then chose Insanity then Continue. The game put me near two doors and a ledge. I tried to enter the door which I think wasn't meant to be entered so Thomas entered another door which triggers a cutscene where the girl cuts his feet. I closed the game during the cutscene and opened it again to try once more and as the game loaded up it told me I have earned another achievement for another ending which I haven't reached yet. I have decided to try this again: loaded up Insanity and entered the door, closed the game, loaded the game up and it gave me another achievement for the last ending.

I have made screenshots where the sound stopped and the incorrect achievement obtaining -

Also the Google Play Cloud save does not transfer saves between devices but making and restoring a backup with Titanium Backup and redownloading additional files did transfer my progress from my phone to my tablet.

Hope this helps