Here Comes the Bride

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Here Comes the Bride

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:oops: This dream is not particularly scary as well as a little embarrassing (and I know it even sounds ridiculous) but it actually scared the crap out of me. And that is why I list it as a nightmare, one I always laugh about later.
I go to a wedding with my family. I once again wear another dress (I don't know what it is with me and dresses in dreams, especially old-fashioned ones or really revealing ones. I hate wearing dresses in real life). This time, I'm dressed in a 1920's green dress with white elbow-length gloves, a small green mini-jacket and a green hat.
A lot of people are at the wedding, the ceremony is held outside a building with red booths in the patio. I recognize a lot of people including friends and family. Then, there are the people my parents insist I know, but I don't recognize. Anyhow, I was sitting at one of the booths talking to my friends when my mom comes up to me with an angry look.

She yanks me up by the arm and starts scolding me in Spanish (this is what made the dream believable). She yells "Why aren't you dressed?! Where's your dress?!" Confused, I nod to the dress I was wearing. "But, I am dressed," I protest. She gives me an incredulous look and starts insisting I get ready. I was confused and then I start to wonder.
So, I ask her, "Who's wedding is this?"
She looks at me like I'm an idiot and spits,"What do yo mean who's wedding is this? It's yours!"

My mouth drops open and my heart races. I then realize that EVERYONE is staring at me. I start hyperventilating and I look around for help. Then, I faint.
The dream does continue (I even dream about waking up to a different day) but the rest of it was just ridiculous.
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