The Showers

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The Showers

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This nightmare doesn't come to me much anymore, but it used to loop every once in a while. This dream always came in small flashes or gasps.

I am wearing a very short, loose white dress. I'm in a large, cold, tile room. I eventually realize it's a bunch of showers, like the kind in a prison. Only, there's hundreds of them. These showers connect or disconnect like moving corridors. Sometimes the pipes in the showers are broken for an inexplicable reason. Then, a girl snatches me by the wrist. (I never find out her name so I'm calling her Jane). She has straight, jet black hair. Her skin tone is not much different from mine, just a little darker (I have tan skin). She is extremely thin and wiry with a pixie-like face. She's wearing a short white top piece and white loose pants. She hisses for me to get down. I ask why. I eventually find out we're not alone. Many other girls are running and hiding too. Many of them are also wearing loose, white (and revealing :cry: ) clothing.
Some of them, I never see. I only hear their voices from the other side of the shower stalls.
These girls eventually tell me that he's coming.
"He's coming...He's looking for us...He's here...."

I never see who "he" is or what he looks like.
All I hear are the roars of his laugh and his heavy footsteps. Then, somewhere along the dreams, screams break out from one or more of the girls. Many of us try to hide or run in fear of being caught. If I don't wake up at the part with the screams, I always wake up when I hear footsteps right behind me.
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