Pineview Drive

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Pineview Drive

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Hi, anyone of you played "Pineview Drive"? Let me explain: It's a horror game created by a small group of german people that are known for their farming simulator games and Moorhuhn. Now they decided to make a horror game and it's fantastic! It has a very weak story and the mechanics are simple, but it is one of the scariest and most atmospheric horror games out there. You have to survive in an old house for 30 days and solve the mystery of a young missed girl. The "puzzles" are always the same: You have to unlock doors in that house with keys, but the problem is that you don't know which key is for which door. So you have to try keys on every door until you find the right one to progress. There are no hints, but after a while the protagonist says some phrases about what to check as next.

"Pineview Drive" is a SCARY game with a really excellent and effective horror atmosphere.
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Re: Pineview Drive

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Cool story Bob
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