TIPS AND TRICKS:That one person #1

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TIPS AND TRICKS:That one person #1

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Now, I know people. I've seen many things...but aren't you tired of that one person? Yeah, in your nightmares! That insane chick/dude who goes on a childish rant and has the urge to randomly kill you. The person usually is immature and is indicated as a confused "brat." In order to avoid being killed, you have to nod and agree. You may have to say things like:

"Well, you know...." or "No,....BUT don't worry...!" or even "Sure! I can help!"

You may end up getting chased anyway but sometimes you can get back on halting and attempting to please the attacker by other means. Either that or you are stuck running from a maniac for the remainder of the nightmare.
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Re: TIPS AND TRICKS:That one person #1

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That's a good tip. :) I don't really have much control over my actions in nightmares, but I'll try to keep that in mind the next time someone wants to kill me. Thanks for sharing!
-Matt Gilgenbach
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