Three Ways to Die

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Three Ways to Die

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I've only had three dreams where I've actually died (there is one more dream but I'm never actually sure if I die in that one and I woke up with a dry throat, gasping for air).

Anyhow, these are the three dreams where my death is confirmed.

1) I am standing on a cliff, gazing down or ahead. The sun is setting, turning the sky a pale blue with pink tints and purple clouds. The sea is whispering. Then, I feel something shove against my back. I fall forward and I only feel the wind and the force of it. At some point, I turn in mid-air to see a person standing on the cliff. I never see who, it's only the shape of a person. Then, I hit something and water encloses over me. I still see the person standing there and I wake up.

2) I'm standing in a cementary, dressed in a purple Victorian dress on a cloudy day. In front of me is a freshly dug hole for a grave. It then cuts to a point where I see myself and people are standing behind me. There are only a few people, dressed in black Victorian clothing. But a large man is standing right behind me. He wears dull brown trousers and a matching vest with black armbands and cuffs. He has a brown, shapeless sack over his head. In his hand is a large, unusually shaped ax (it looked more like a scythe, the kind you would see in a video game/anime/manga). One of the Victorian men, an elderly guy with white hair, a top hat, and a monocle pulls out a scroll and starts reading my charges (I never remember what they were) and then sentences me. The executioner picks up his axe and swings.
It then cuts back to my own visual perspective, only I seem to be falling into the grave. Instead, my head lands in the dirt and I see my decapitated body tumble after me. Then it falls over my eyes and it's pitch black and i wake up.

3) I am walking with my mother to a motel, I don't recognize it and it feels familiar. The sun is setting and the sky is cobalt blue. Then it cuts to where we leave the room and we start walking back to the car. By then, it's already night and the sky is black. Only the orange street lamps are on. We turn a corner and a man approaches us from the dark. I never get a good look at his face (his eyes and facial features are always hidden by the shadows). he has black hair and pale skin. He wore a denim jacket and jeans. I am cautious, something is off and i defensively step in front of my mom. The man swiftly pulls out a blade and lashes. I see a flash of red with a black slash in the middle. The slash is fringed with white. Then, I see myself slowly collapse with blood flowing from my slit throat. It then cuts back to my own vision where the man towers over me with the knife in hand, I start to black out and then I wake up.
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