Anyone recognize Giant Bomb's voices?

Let's chat about what you want from our next game. :)
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Anyone recognize Giant Bomb's voices?

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This may seem like a weird request, but I'm trying to reach out to press that enjoyed Neverending Nightmares. If you listened to the podcast for the GOTY nominations, it's clear that someone there LOVED Neverending Nightmares and pushed for our game in the nominations. I would like to let them know that we have a new game on kickstarter, but the problem is that I can't recognize the voice. D'oh!

If you want to have a listen, here are files and times:
For the horror consideration, they start at 6:30 in this file. They end the horror discussion at 17:30.

The art discussion was MUCH longer and is this file. Art specifically starts at 1:27:00. They talk about Neverending Nightmares at 1:50:55. There is more talk at 2:00:16, 2:09:55, 2:12:53, and 2:15:25.

Anyone know who is pushing for us?

Thanks everyone!
-Matt Gilgenbach
Lead Frightener at Infinitap Games
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