Computer geek's nightmare (repeating)

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Computer geek's nightmare (repeating)

Post by almos666 »

I wake up, and turn on the computer. Perhaps, while doing so, I spill some water on tea on the mouse or the machine itself... Whatever the case, instead of a familiar Linux Mint loading screen I get an error message and a Windows loader. Sometimes it spews some strange output. In both cases I realize something went terribly wrong with my laptop and I'll have to either fix it or buy myself a new one.

Then I wake up for real.
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Re: Computer geek's nightmare (repeating)

Post by matt »

That is an awesome nightmare! My nightmare would be reversed. I have bad luck with my Linux boxes and usually do something to break them after a bit. Perhaps I'm using the wrong distros? I have a machine running Gentoo, but a friend admins it because Gentoo is REALLY hardcore. (It's his distro of choice if you can even call it a distro)

I use Ubuntu for everything else, but I think I hosed a machine or two. (I also hosed a Red Hat machine back in the day. hahaha)

Despite my failure at Linux, we are going to continue to support it! Fortunately, Infinitap has a more Linux savvy employee. :)
-Matt Gilgenbach
Lead Frightener at Infinitap Games
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