The Autumn of Nightmares

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The Autumn of Nightmares

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I remember that during the autumn of 2008 virtually all my nights were filled with disturbing visions; I later called this period "The Autumn of Nightmares" for this particular reason.

One night stands out in my memory as particularily unpleasant. In one dream I found that one of my colleagues was a part of a network of rapists and tried to lure me into a basement where I would face a fate worse than death... In another dream that came to me that night I seemed to wake. I walked up to the living room and turned on the TV to forget about the dreams I just had. In one of the programs there was a cannibalistic killer prowling the woods; he had two kids tied up in his cottage, but was on a prowl through the darkened forest for even more human meat. I switched channels; this time the program was about some celebration in India. A terrifying effigy of an indian Goddess was floating down the river in complete silence.

It's hard to convey the very atmosfere of wrongness of this dream of waking. I also realized that TV seems to feature prominently in my nightmares.
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Re: The Autumn of Nightmares

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Wow! I can only imagine how terrifying that might have been! Having repeated nightmares sounds over a few months sounds horrible1
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