I Fricking Love Retro/Grade

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I Fricking Love Retro/Grade

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I first saw Retro/Grade on a Giant Bomb Quicklook and thought it seemed pretty cool. Then at the 2011 Penny Arcade Expo I played it using the guitar controller and it really solidified that Retro/Grade was amazing. I don't know what it is, but the music is just exactly the sort of thing I want to listen to, and playing along with it just makes me listen to it more closely, and it really just hits some nerve in my head that I love. They were running some sort of contest and apparently I did well enough to grab a t-shirt and card, which I still have (Save the plastic guitars tour 2011!).

At the 2012 Penny Arcade Expo, I played it again on the gamepad, and it still seemed awesome. It felt great on the guitar, but gamepad was the next best thing.

Then the 2013 Penny Arcade Expo rolls around (this game is so tied to PAX for me x.x). I was watching Giant Bomb's panel, and Patrick Klepek started talking about Neverending Nightmares. Then he starts talking about Retro/Grade and how it basically sold nothing. I was a little confused at first, because I didn't even know the game had come out, and I realized that I was the reason the game didn't sell well.

I honestly started to feel horrible. Retro/Grade was exactly my sort of game, and I didn't even know I could pick it up on Steam. I still feel bad right now, even after I picked it up as soon as I got home and played the crap out of it. On one hand I was so happy that I was finally enjoying the game in it's entirety, but on the other, I was getting ranked around 100th on the global leaderboard on my first try of every song, not because I'm that good at the game, but because the leaderboard is so small. It breaks my heart seeing that after every song.

So, I don't know, this post is pointless. If Matt Gilgenbach reads this, I'm so sorry. I truly love Retro/Grade. The music, and the visuals, and how the game plays in to both just makes me happy to play it. I wish more people would experience it. Really, sometimes it feels like the game was made just for me, and despite people missing out, I love this game.

So if you haven't played Retro/Grade, go ****ing play it! It's great!
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Re: I Fricking Love Retro/Grade

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I think we really dropped the ball fostering a community. I suspect you aren't alone. During the 4 year development, we picked up a lot of fans and lost them because we didn't keep their emails or post updates about what we were doing. That is something I'm trying to rectify with Neverending Nightmares. :)
-Matt Gilgenbach
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