Goofy Childhood Nightmare

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Zap Rowsdower
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Goofy Childhood Nightmare

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Going to go a bit off the beaten path of the usual nightmares and instead share one I had when I was little, around 5 or so. It was a nightmare at the time, but now its really quite silly and that's why I've always remembered it after all these years. Now its been nearly twenty years or so so my memory of it is far from crystal clear but from what I do remember the dream was about me going over to a friend I had in the dream, a Hispanic girl's, house for her birthday party . Her party was going fine until it came under attack by malevolent creatures. These monsters weren't your usual monstrosities like vampires, zombies, ghosts, or Godzilla. No they were far worse, killer poop. Yes, killer poop. They moved around like slugs and had razor sharp teeth and they killed people by boring through their ears. My dream friend and I teamed up to fight back as they were starting to kill people. It was actually going rather well and the last thing I remember before waking up was fighting one off and flushing it down the toilet.

So yeah, definitely not your usual nightmare but its definitely weird and absurd.
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Re: Goofy Childhood Nightmare

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As someone with OCD who suffers from fear of contamination, killer poop can be pretty scary!
-Matt Gilgenbach
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