My Own Nightmare About Neverending Nightmares

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Harry Sunderland
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My Own Nightmare About Neverending Nightmares

Post by Harry Sunderland »

I dreamt last night that I was INSIDE Alpha 0.5. I was basically wandering around a mansion in the art style of Edward Gorey, and being chased by monsters from the game. The dream felt like Whistleblower but using the art style of Neverending Nightmares (probably because I played Whistleblower and surfed the forums before bed).

Only here's the weird part, in my dream Matt added a ton of weird stuff to Alpha 0.5, like an area outside the Mansion that served as an Overworld Map. This area was in color, and had pleasant soft flute music playing, in a style you might see in a Japanese RPG. And if you explored certain parts of the Overworld, video cut-scenes played.

In the dream, it turns out the Mansion was owned by a cult similar to the Manson family that would kidnap girls, keep them in cages and force them to be in their circus act (if you've ever seen 'House of a Thousand Corpses' or 'The Devil's Rejects' it was a very similar family). I stumbled across a weird cut scene about a girl trapped in a cage, and another weird one where the family was being cruel to their youngest son before leaving for their circus.

On the whole I know NONE of this stuff fits with the over-all theme of Neverending Nightmares, so the dream was part horror (being chased) and part confusion (why did Matt add all this really strange stuff).

That being said, I hope Alpha 0.5 has the in-color Overworld Map with Shibuya style music playing. :lol:
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Re: My Own Nightmare About Neverending Nightmares

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Hahaha, I can confirm none of that is in 0.5. :-P

You can find out soon because I am hoping to push it live tomorrow. It's not as polished as I would like, but the IndieCade judges are starting to look at the game, and I don't want them to get stuck on the little girls in "Together at Last".

I am pretty pleased with the last level and the ending, but I am scared as always about how it will be received... I don't think I'll be sleeping that well tonight...
-Matt Gilgenbach
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