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Harry Sunderland
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My Interpretation of Retro/Grade

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There was a moment in Retro/Grade where one of the texts in the game mentions that coincidentally every shot fired by Rick Rocket was made to the beat of a song.

I just wanted to share that in my imagination, this is not a coincidence at all. I recall reading somewhere (probably on these forums) that Matt imagined Rick Rocket to be kind of a Zapp Branigan-style character. So to me, I can totally see Rick Rocket not taking saving the universe seriously at all, and blasting retro style music in his space ship...and literally shooting his enemies to the beat of whatever song he's playing. So then, to undo what Rick has done, the best way for him to time all his shots perfectly is to use the music as a guide to unshoot (though I guess this means Rick was listening to some pretty avant-garde music [the Retro/Grade soundtrack played backwards]).

Perhaps this was how Matt intended the narrative of the game to play out, but if not, I think it's a very good interpretation to link the mechanics of the game to the ridiculous narrative of Rick Rocket.

BTW Matt I have already beaten this game twice (on Medium-Core and on the hardest difficulty...that was a doozy!). I really enjoy it, and while it may have not been a commercial success, I think it's way better than anything Rovio has ever made :).
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Re: My Interpretation of Retro/Grade

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Hahaha! I never thought of it that way, but I really like it. :) It definitely fits in with the character I had in mind. :-D
-Matt Gilgenbach
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