New short description for Neverending Nightmares

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New short description for Neverending Nightmares

Post by matt »

Neverending Nightmares doesn't have the greatest user reviews on Steam. (If you haven't written a review, please consider doing so even if it is a few sentences. Or less. One of our reviews says "This is a game".)

One of the things that has been discussed here (Hi EvilKingGumby!) as well as I've discussed with friends is that perhaps people don't have a good idea what to expect from the game (interactive experience?), and they might be disappointed when they purchase it. Perhaps our inability to communicate what the NN is like is further illustrated by the fact that a review I wrote myself for the game out of frustration is one of the most helpful. Here I thought writing a review for my own game would be something I'd live to regret!

Another developer suggested the long description was fine, but the short description needed work. Currently, it says:
Experience the psychological horror as you continually awaken into hellish nightmares. Hide from horrifying apparitions and outrun your inner demons as you struggle to wake up.
I was thinking of changing it to:
A psychological horror experience like no other – journey through terrifying nightmares as the defenseless protagonist Thomas struggles to wake up. Stylized art and a dark ambient soundtrack create extremely tense and oppressive atmosphere.
What do you think? Any suggestions for what we could put there? The length is supposed to be 200-300 characters.

Thanks everyone! :)
-Matt Gilgenbach
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Re: New short description for Neverending Nightmares

Post by evilkinggumby »

I like your new proposed description much better. short, sweet, but much more in line with the experience and how you usually describe it.
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