Real vs. 'catapult' awakening [SPOILERS]

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Real vs. 'catapult' awakening [SPOILERS]

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It's almost a cliche - a protagonist wakes up from a nightmare to immediately sit upright in bed, either screaming, sweating or profusely panting. This is how Thomas wakes from his successive nightmares...

... except each of the awakenings is actually a dream.

This is in fact avoided in the endings where Thomas ACTUALLY wakes up. In "Destroyed Dreams" he just opens his eyes slowly and takes a deep breath, and in "Final Descent" he slowly lifts his head from the desk he fell asleep at. Only "Wayward Dreamer" has the young Thomas sit upright upon waking - another clue that he might not be really awake?

Anyway, I think it's a nice touch.

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Re: Real vs. 'catapult' awakening [SPOILERS]

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That is a very astute observation! :)
-Matt Gilgenbach
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