The most UPBEAT ending? [SPOILERS]

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The most UPBEAT ending? [SPOILERS]

Post by almos666 »

The question might seem provocative, given how gloomy NN's storyline is. But I personally think that "Destroyed Dreams" would qualify as one: through his dreams Thomas wants to reunite with Gabrielle, and then he wakes up and there she is - though obviously concerned about his suicide attempt.

"Final Descent", while providing a grand and generally satisfying closure to the story, has Thomas wake up to an utterly desolate and bleak reality, hence it certainly doesn't qualify.

As to "Wayward Dreamer", I think it's one of the most disturbing endings - after all, it's framed for us to see as though Thomas didn't really wake up from his dreams. In other words, I think he's still in a nightmare, and that's why it should count as a bleak ending, just like "Final Descent", only veiled.

And what do you think of it?

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Re: The most UPBEAT ending? [SPOILERS]

Post by matt »

A lot of people think "Wayward Dreamer" is the good ending, but that wasn't my intention. I'm glad someone agrees with me. :)
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Re: The most UPBEAT ending? [SPOILERS]

Post by RightClickSaveAs »

Yeah, I'm one of the ones who always thought of Wayward Dreamer as a happy ending. I took it as him finally making peace with whatever happened to his sister. The sweetness and innocence of the final scene seemed really uplifting after all that misery, to me :)

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Re: The most UPBEAT ending? [SPOILERS]

Post by miumiaou »

I also think Wayward Dreamer is the not-so-good ending
For me the true ending is Final Descent and the good ending is Destroyed Dreams

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