Blood color

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Blood color

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I found the bright, firetruck-red color of the blood distracting, especially when used in large patches. I noticed it most when I got to the insane asylum. Looking back, the ground meat didn't look as bad because it had a lot of black lines within it, whereas in the asylum it sometimes paints as much as half of a wall. Would you consider using a darker, less saturated shade?

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Re: Blood color

Post by matt »

Unfortunately, at this point, I don't think we have time to revisit the blood color across the entire game. For new assets, we'll probably want to stick with the saturated red for consistency's sake. Sorry. :-/
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Re: Blood color

Post by gagaplex »

Yeah, darker, more wine-coloured blood might be a good idea. Or old blood, that is a rusted brownish colour. Too late now, but maybe for the next one? :-)

I can't even remember how often I've complained about games like Fallout 3 or Skyrim having these ancient skeletons lying around in pools of shiny, fresh and red blood. It's so silly when you enter a crypt that's thousands of years old or similar. At least look at blood that's dried for a couple of days or weeks and see what that would look like. Not like those puddles. Oh well, it's a minor thing, but in those games in particular (which go for a more realistic look than NN tried to) it's really distracting. :x
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Re: Blood color

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I liked the saturated blood color. The game has such a bleak art style that when you see a vivid splotch of blood somewhere, it really stands out and draws your eye to it due to the contrast.
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