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Happy New Year/Favorite Games This Year

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:08 am
by Cridone
So first of all, Happy New Year everybody!

Anyway, I've finally decided to come back to this forum for the New Year just because I realized today my last visit was back in September... Man, 2015 is over. Time really flies by.

Now, for the real meat of this topic - favorite games this year. Sadly, it's 5:07 AM when I'm writing this and I'm tired so I can't really write out exactly why these are my favorite games right now, but I will just say that I mostly picked these ones because I didn't play many games this year.
  • Until Dawn[note]
  • Undertale
  • The Beginner's Guide
  • SOMA
Sorry if my writing is skewed - again, I'm writing this at a pretty late time, haha.

Re: Happy New Year/Favorite Games This Year

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 8:27 am
by Googolplex
Thanks, and a happy new year to all of you!

Best games of 2015 are:

- Project CARS
- Layers Of Fear
- The Park
- Astray
- The Old City: Leviathan (okay this was December 2014)

Re: Happy New Year/Favorite Games This Year

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:44 pm
by Cridone
Now that I'm awake and can think better, here's some games from this year I want to play, but I don't really have the time or money.
  • Fallout 4
  • Fran Bow
  • Cities: Skylines
  • Dying Light
  • Yakuza 5

Re: Happy New Year/Favorite Games This Year

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:05 pm
by matt
I think my favorite game of the year was Rise of the Tomb Raider. I realize it's not a horror game, but I am a big fan of platforming, and it had a fun blend of platforming and combat. I also didn't get to play as much of it as I'd have liked, but Rare Replay is pretty amazing if only because Blast Corps was probably the most criminally underrated game of the PSX/N64 area. (Well, besides Panzer Dragoon Saga, but no one had a Saturn. haha)

Also, this seems like cheating, but I'd like to put Grim Fandango Remastered on the best of 2015 list even though it was an old game. I played it a few years back on a PC, and it was soooooooo much work to get running and had all sorts of weird bugs that stopped me from playing, so the fact that you can easily play one of the best games ever (in my opinion) is a huge achievement.

SOMA is definitely up there, but I personally didn't think Until Dawn was that great. While I am friends with Natalia, the lead on Fran Bow, I embarrassingly haven't gotten to play it.

Re: Happy New Year/Favorite Games This Year

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:08 pm
by Googolplex
I'm currently playing "Rise of the Tomb Raider". It's a very good game, but I'm a bit disappointed too. It's too much like an interactive movie. Too many cut-scenes and casual features. I'm playing without this immersion-killing Survival Instinct bullshit, because I generally hate such dulled mainstream features! And everytime there are annoying quest- and info messages pop-ups. This totally prevents me to get immersed by exploring the locations. This game just makes a lot fun, but it's not a well designed masterpiece if you want to get immersed. A much better game is "Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine". The best adventure game I ever played. The level design, atmosphere and narration is very professional.

There is only one better game (RPG) and this is "Gothic" (german original).