Nightmare about math problems

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Nightmare about math problems

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A while back I had a... different nightmare. It had me and all of my schoolmates in a 20'x20' clearing deep in a sweltering, moist jungle. There were desks set up here and loudspeakers hung up high in the trees. There were also armed guards around the clearing. Through the loudspeakers, a voice would yell out math problems and somehow me and my classmates implicitly understood that we had to solve them as quickly as possible. After a while the last student to solve the math problem given would be pulled away from his desk by one of the guards screaming and dragged deeper and deeper into the jungle until we couldn't see or hear them. It was an incredibly vivid dream and I remember the intense humidity of the jungle making me sweat over my calculation sheet, making it difficult to write, and the pressure of needing to solve equations first making my heart pound. When I woke up I was mentally drained and had a high fever :(

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Re: Nightmare about math problems

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Wow! That's crazy! I sometimes have dreams solving math problems, but they are usually good ones. I guess I like math? :)
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Re: Nightmare about math problems

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Concerning with your nightmare, I am thinking that perhaps before you went to sleep you were thinking of many things which were personal, business probably or school at the same time. And because of those things your mind was full.

Or maybe it could be a sign that soon you will be able to undergo more difficulties in your life and thus you have to prepare yourself.
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