A Bloated Bag of Bloody Dead Flies

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Harry Sunderland
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A Bloated Bag of Bloody Dead Flies

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The most disturbing nightmare I think I've ever had still sickens me to this day. I was in a filthy prison cell with disgusting, grime covered walls. I am tied to a chair, and there is a man with an executioner's hood on. He has a plastic sandwich-sized ziplock bag, and it is absolutely stuffed to the point of being bloated with bloody, dead flies. He forces me to eat them, and I feel their disgusting texture in my mouth (like vile raisins). For some reason, I know that I will only be freed if I finish eating the entire bag.

There is no other context to this nightmare...and it was very brief. It still creeps me out to this day.

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Re: A Bloated Bag of Bloody Dead Flies

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Wow. Just reading that upsets my stomach!

-Matt Gilgenbach
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