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by The Dreamer
Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:41 pm
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Topic: Modifications
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Have you thought about user-created mods for the name? Like someone's "own nightmare"? I'm not talking about a steam workshop, but some way to create custom levels would be fun. The art style would take some time to master, but I'm sure that after a while people would get the hang of it.
by The Dreamer
Sun Sep 28, 2014 12:35 pm
Forum: Share your Nightmares!
Topic: Peeling Dreams
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Peeling Dreams

When I was younger, I would have a set of dreams where parts of me just sorta... peel off, exposing blood. I never understood these dreams, but most of it is me touching my skin, and it falling off under my fingertips. I also had a dream that had elements similar to this. I had been helping my young...
by The Dreamer
Sun Sep 28, 2014 12:26 pm
Forum: Share your Nightmares!
Topic: Being Slow Nightmare
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Re: Being Slow Nightmare

I have a similar thing happen in my dreams. One thing that I have also noticed is I'm floating most of the time, and kicking the ground beneath me to move forward (Almost like a balloon). I'm always moving very slow, with danger a few icnehs behind me.